• What affects on women’s fertility

    What affects on women’s fertility

    Every woman knows that with age, her fertility is decreased. But even when a woman is the ‘’best’’ age, there are many factors that can affect on fertility. According to many doctors, several changes in a lifestyle can have a positive effect on fertility. Also, every woman should know something about these factors.

    One of the most common factors is obesity. Having an extra weight affects on hormone production. This means that a woman will have problems to get pregnant. According to William Schlaff, MD from the Jefferson Medical College, the more weight a woman has, the lower the ovarian function is. One study conducted in 2009 found that women who were obese when they were 18 years old, had higher chances of developing PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Also, they have problems with infertility. This disorder is the most common hormonal disorder that can cause infertility.

    The second factor that affects on fertility is completely opposite. Being too thin isn’t good for women who want to get pregnant. The explanation is in leptin. Women with low BMI have less leptin than normally. This hormone controls feelings of satiety and hunger. According to a study conducted by Harvard University in 2009, low levels of leptin cause absence of menstrual periods. Dr. Arredondo said that exercising and having a healthy diet is the best thing a woman can do in order to increase her chances of getting pregnant. This is especially important for younger women, who want to get pregnant. In addition, 10 years before menopause a woman can experience problems with fertility.



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