• The Impact of Disposable Diapers on the Environment

    The Impact of Disposable Diapers on the Environment

    Disposable diapers are one of the best friends a mom could ever have. But sadly and horrifyingly, they are one of the worst enemies of the planet we live in. a baby literally needs thousands of diapers until he is potty trained – imagine 49 million diapers lying on a landfill, each day, only collected in America. Diapers are the second largest contributors to landfills and the hardest fact is that the ingredients that make up them – like wood pulp, gelling substances, polyethylene, petroleum, polypropylene, perfumes and other non renewable raw materials. Also, manufacturing these disposable diapers releases dioxin into the environment, which has been established as a carcinogen that has been found to affect unborn babies and fetuses the most.

    Also, not a single diaper has been found to be decomposed in the landfill so far – not even a single in the whole wide earth, until date. If you collect the disposable diapers in America and store it, you will fill the empire state building in a year very easily; or you can fill the Yankee stadium completely with smelly diapers 15 times over; you can even make a diaper chain to tie the moon to earth 9 times for a strong dirty bond. We don’t realize it much, but disposable diapers are expensive. Since we are spending for our precious little one, buying 10,000 diapers until she is 30 months old may not seem a burden at all. This would cost you a minimum of at least $3000 per kid. What is more, parents worldwide are definitely into the habit of cutting up the basic necessities of food and shelter of the other family members to make way for the new diaper expenses. But is a disposable diaper really worth our earnings, our nation and our planet?


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