• 9 Facts about your baby

    9 Facts about your baby

    Babies are cute and we all love those baby pictures whether it’s on the internet or even of you as a kid. But did you know that these facts about babies?

    1) Babies don’t have kneecaps. A new born baby doesn’t have the kneecap bone but a thick cartilage. As we grow older the bone starts forming giving rise to kneecaps.

    2) Babies can’t cry. It takes up to a month for newborn babies to form tears. Hence, they can only holler and scream when they are born.

    3) The eyesight for a baby is just as good as an adult’s. Since babies can’t process the information of what they see, they look confused.
    4) Birthmarks are needed. Most people think that birthmarks indicate an abnormality however birthmarks are very normal and around 85% of all babies have them.

    5) Babies also have more bones than adults. Babies have around 300 bones which fuse together as we grow older to form 206 bones.

    6) Statistical studies show that babies born in the month of May are the heaviest. Average May babies are about 200 grams heavier than other ones.

    7) It only takes a few weeks for a baby to distinguish between its mother and other females. This is based on the specific sense of smell that the baby is familiar with when it is born.
    8) A baby is only capable of smiling after a month. Till then it tries to make gassy faces which can often be misconstrued as a smile.

    9) Babies inside the womb can hear in the first trimester. Their organs for vision and hearing are well developed.


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