• What's it Like for Parents to be Graded by Their Children?

    What's it Like for Parents to be Graded by Their Children?

    Roles have turned around and now the time has come for parents to be graded by their children using a report card which can be found online. Most parents forgot what's it like to be graded, so this experience may prove to be eye-opening. Questions on the report card concern many areas. For instance, children are asked whether their parents make them feel protected and safe. Another question is whether parents make their children good lunches, and so on. It can be very stressful to give your children the report card to fill out, but at the same time parents can find out how their children feel and what needs to be changed.

    According to actress Brooke Burke-Charvet, handing out report cards to her children was truly miraculous. It was a good opportunity for her to find out how is she doing in the parenting department. She stressed that a parent has to be brave enough and be open to criticism if they want to know how their children are feeling. On the other side, giving a chance to your children to freely express themselves makes them feel like their opinion is important.

    In a small experiment, a group of parents and their children were asked to participate in filling out report cards. All of the children said that filling out the report is going to be useful. The results were very interesting. One of the children, 13-year-old Tori, said that sometimes her parents lose temper without any obvious reason, and that letting them know this should bring positive changes.

    When it comes to children's moods, quite a few parents got an F for not understanding how their children feel sometimes. Caprice, who is 11, said that parents sometimes forget they were children too, and do not understand that moods vary when you are young as well.

    However, a lot of As were given out for parents spending time with their children alone, and making them laugh. And, what is of utmost importance, all of the children agreed that they feel loved by their parents. Some mothers were ecstatic when they read the report cards because making children laugh will remain in their memories forever.

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