• Protect your child from dog bites

    Protect your child from dog bites

    In order to protect your child from dog bites, you must understand how both of them think. According to several researches, dogs can bite a child in several situations. It will take you some time to understand and be sure that your child is safe, but you must know when a dog will bite someone.

    A dog can bite a child when he feels threatened. Maybe it sounds funny that a 60 pound dog is afraid from 20 pound child, but we know that a child isn’t a treat. On the other side, a dog doesn’t know this. Dogs are guided by their instincts, so when they feel in danger or that there is some possibility for it, they will attack.

    Dogs protect their stuff (toys, beds and food). You probably know that you should approach to your dog when he is eating. But, he is possessive in a case of family members. In some cases, they can bite a child that ‘’mess with their stuff’’.

    Dogs are territorial animals. Which means that they can attack when someone enter on their territory. If you have guests, he can treat them as intruders. Aggressive dogs will attack an adult man if he steps on their territory.

    A dog can bite when he is offended. This means that when a child pull his tail, grab his face or pull his legs, a dog can think of this as on insult or molesting. 
    Dogs are domesticated before thousand years, but they still have their instincts. This means that they can and want to attack. Malamutes and Huskies have those predispositions. You must be careful with them.



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