• Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s

    Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s

    Over the years there has been an increase in the number of children who are using electronic gadgets such smartphones and tablets on their daily lives. In fact a new report showed that there is a huge increase in the number of ids who were using gadgets back in 2001 and now. That said, there are a number of negative impacts that are associated with kids using electronic gadgets. In particular, electronic gadgets tend to impact the kids brain more due to the fact that it's when their brains are developing. In this article, we will be looking at some of the negative effects that electronic gadgets tend to have on kids brain’s.

    Electronic Gadgets Are Not Good For The Brain

    As mentioned electronic gadgets are not good for the brain this is due to the fact that a kid’s brain usually develops as he/she grows. Before a kid turns five there is usually a lot of things that happen, learning wise. According to researchers at Washington University, there is no need to use modern gadgets in the learning process of your child. Contrary to what many believe you can easily teach your kid by just speaking or talking to them. In fact, kids tend t learn a lot in an event that they have one on one time with their parents or teachers. To make it even worse is that electronic gadgets tend to cause impaired learning, cognitive delays as well as attention deficit.

    Delayed Development

    If your kid is not pending, a lot of his/her time playing outside or engaging in active lifestyle, he/she is bound to have delayed development. According to John Ratey, who is a Harvard doctor, there is more to playing outdoors than just being fit physically and comfortable socially. Ratey states that exercising outside helps in “building as well as conditioning the brain.”


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