• Child Custody

    Child Custody

    Sadly, many marriages end up with a divorce. Many of those couples had children, so the court must determine child custody arrangements. The common arrangement, in case of divorce, is that both parents have equal rights to the custody of their child.

    When the court must determine the place, where that child is going to live, it must reach a decision in ‘’the best interests of that child.’’ This is decided by considering the best wishes of the child and his parents. Other factors that are important are: child’s relationship with parents and other people that may have influence on a child’s life. The court also considers mental and physical health of the involved individuals. The parent who has custody over the child, is responsible for his education, religion beliefs and health care. The court can choose one of several types of custody. One of them is temporary custody, which is used during the separation process.

    Exclusive custody means than only one parent has custody over his child. The other parent may receive visitation rights in some cases. They are often controlled by a social worker or the parent with full custody. Joint custody is the best solution for the child. It includes both parents, who are capable or performing their parental duties.
    If one of the parents is alcoholic, or known for drug abuse, he cannot get the custody over his child! In these cases, depending of a additional information, that parent can receive supervised child visitations. In cases where parent with full custody is responsible for some kind of abuse, or neglecting the right of his child, social service can take his child away!

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