• Blue Baby Cot Bed – Know Why Your Child Would Love to Roll Over It

    Blue Baby Cot Bed – Know Why Your Child Would Love to Roll Over It

    Your little bundle of joy is growing up fast and spending long hours sleeping on his comfy bed. Those tiny eyes when get closed, those little feet when come to rest and those adorable yawns that make his face even more adorable, engender a sense of extreme care in the parents and they hunt for a soporific cot to prevent the baby from sleepless nights. The ‘Blue Baby Cot Bed’ acts like a caring mother, where a child cuddles up and feels cozier. To keep the cranky moods at bay, the cot is luxuriously designed using the finest materials, ensuring that a baby gets an excellent and fulsome sleep. This is a wonderful piece exhibiting the beautiful craftsmanship and handmade artistry, which is sure to keep the little ones happy and jovial.

    Baby-friendly, the ‘Blue Cot Bed’ makes a baby jumping for joy when it awakes to the appealing photos of ships, huts, cars, beach huts and crown. The picture section can be found on the long head board offering safe support to his head and back. These snaps are colorful and bright, evoking countless cute expressions on his face, which is definitely a real treasure of any parents. The handcrafted cot is also available in the original heritage style, making it the most preferable choice for the conscious parents. The original design is a complete stunner decorated with light blue stripes inside. The total height of the cot is 85 cm approximately.

    What renders a unique look to its overall structure is the foot board, embellished with a photo loader and a space meant for mentioning the child’s name. This develops a sense of belongingness in your little one. The Blue Baby Cot is white in color, wooden-made, consisting of birch and beach. The adjustable height feature adds more brownie points to its overall description. To make it appear no different from a ship’s bunk, this baby cot comes with an interchangeable bunk side panel, which can be conveniently replaced with rounded wooden bars, when needed.


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