• Best ways to beat bedwetting

    Best ways to beat bedwetting

    If you are worried about your child wetting the bed, there are different ways you must try in order to stop the bedwetting.
    1.    Encourage bathroom trips before the bedtime
    Make it sure that your child goes to bathroom before going to bed, also you must take them to bathroom again right before you sleep. Doctors recommend and explain that “when the child empties her bladder there are very less chances of her to urinate during the night”. This won’t cure bedwetting but is surely an effective way to keep the bed dry through the night. Some pediatricians suggest less liquid intake few hours before bedtime.

    2.    Prepare an incentives chart 
    When you create an incentives chart you help child end bedwetting at subconscious level. Like give your child happy moons or stars to paste on the calendar after dry nights. When he earns stickers he gets a gift or special treats at the end of the month. 
    The power of positive suggestions do work for some children and can really help them cure bedwetting over time.
    3.    Consult pediatrician 
    Talk to your pediatrician and tell her about the bedwetting, so she can monitor your kid’s progress and suggest the best way to handle the situation. There are lots of reasons why child develop bedwetting like urinary tract infections, diabetes, or sometimes stress conditions can result in bedwetting but not to worry as I certain cases the reason for bedwetting is just the delay in development of nighttime bladder control.


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