• Anger Management for Kids

    Anger Management for Kids

    How do you feel when you are really angry? Do you feel like bashing up the person closest to you or do you feel like hurling whatever you are holding at something? Kids are no different. They get angry, frustrated and just mad when things don’t go the way they expect them to. It’s ok if your child shows anger tantrums and bangs things. Kids are wired differently from adults and they need to know that it is ok to get angry. They just need to know how to vent that anger by not trashing or breaking things around them. As parents or teachers you need to know how to understand this phase in the child and accordingly help them deal with it.

    Frustration and anger are normal emotions, and kids need a strong physical release for them. You need to safely redirect their feelings by telling them to:
    • Run around the living room or largest room in your home any arbitrary number of times; he'll be in a contained space, the counting will distract him and possibility of resulting in a fit of giggles.
    • Yell out loud. Go into a closed area like the bathroom or a big closet or the basement and yell at the top of his lungs. This gives him a safe place to vent without freaking out younger siblings or the neighbors for that matter.
    • Karate-chop a big piece of wrapping paper. It produces a satisfying ripping noise and makes him feel powerful.
    • Go outside and make faces at you through the window.

    Every age is different, and sometimes the developmental stages don't consider the age. By showing kids ways to handle anger, they learn that:

    It’s ok to get angry but it is not ok to act on impulse like hitting the other kids.


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