• 5 Reasons Kids Get Anxious About School

    5 Reasons Kids Get Anxious About School

    When it comes to the first day of school, our children tend to have mixed emotions ranging from excitement to fear and most importantly anxiety. In this article I will be sharing with 5 reasons kids get anxious about school.

    5. Failure
    The idea of failing on their schoolwork, and answering wrong questions in class when called on is just some of the things that tend to make children anxious about school. To tackle these issues do tell your child that everyone makes mistakes and praise them for efforts they have shown.

    4. New Situations
    New situations tend to make children feel nervous, be it the first day in school or even first day in a new grade. To help solve anxiety as a result of new situations ensure that you inform your child on what to expect as this will reduce the level as anxiety.

    3. Stress
    Whenever kids feel like classroom expectations are unreasonable or their environment is unorganized they tend to be stressed or anxious. Helping your kid to deal with these challenging situations constructively when your child approaches you is the key to dealing away with stress as well as anxiety.

    2. Peer Pressure
    The fact that kids go to school worrying about what their classmates will think about them tends to have a huge weight on their shoulders. To help deal with this, parents are required to encourage their kids to open up, as putting fears into words tends to be helpful.

    1. Being Bullied
    The idea of being tormented by other students tends to be very upsetting. It is advised that as a parent you should take your child’s concern seriously. Explaining the reason as to why bullies tend to bully other children is also advised.


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