• Three challenges for the new mom Source: CDN

    Three challenges for the new mom

    Pregnancy in itself is a big life changing event for any woman. Not only does your body grow immensely, your organs are pushed around and of course, there are hormonal ups and downs.

    One of the biggest challenges for a new mom is the birth and the gestational pause that comes after it - perhaps 6 weeks post delivery.

    Birthing is challenging because the new mom is pushed to her limits - and sometimes even beyond! The pain of a natural birth or surgical has to be endured; either way the woman’s body needs to go through it all. The best way to overcome challenges during birth is to be educated about the many procedures and consequences of each method. Being informed will keep you alert and comfort you.

    The second biggest challenge is breastfeeding the baby. Many new moms face difficulty in breastfeeding their newborn - especially if there has been a time gap between the birth and when they meet their babies the first time. If nurses insist on giving formula milk to newborns, this easily interferes with the natural flow and harmony of breastfeeding. To overcome this challenge, ensure you nurse your baby within the hour of birth and continue to nurse even if it hurts. The only way out is through it. 

    The third challenge of a new mom is getting enough sleep. Newborns can be very demanding for feeds, for change of diapers, and just plain comfort and consolation. This can take up so much time of the new mom that there isn't any time to even take a decent shower or sleep. The best way to overcome this challenge is to take naps with the baby. Get help - from friends, family, or professionals to take on some of the household chores so you can rest. 

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