• Love of running may start in the womb Source: CTV News

    Love of running may start in the womb

    Exercise or any physical activity can be tiresome for some; some may hate exercise and others are passionate about it. We come across people running on the roads or on treadmills in the gym on a daily basis and they do not seem to get tired. When you ask them their secret, they most often just say they simply love to run.


    A study in the U.S revealed that some people would have developed their love for exercise or running while they were in the womb. According to observational studies, women who are physically active during their pregnancy tend to have a physically active child!


    A team of researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas conducted a test on pregnant mice. The team selected mice that enjoyed running and divided them into two groups. One of the groups was allowed access to exercise. During earlier pregnancy they were running at 10 kms in the night and as the pregnancy progressed they slowed down and were running 3 kms in the night. The other group was not allowed to do any exercise.


    The researchers found that the mice born to the mothers who exercised during the pregnancy were 50% more active than the mice born of the mother mice who did not exercise during pregnancy. The result reveals that exercise during pregnancy helps development in the infant brain.


    Experts have also revealed that pregnant women need to exercise or walk at least 30 minutes a day to ensure a lifelong benefit for their babies. 

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