• How To Get Rid of Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

    How To Get Rid of Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

    You may be happy to hear the news of your pregnancy but the initial few weeks of your pregnancy can be really tough. Most pregnant women experience morning sickness and there is no cure for this. You can just implement some ways to reduce it.

    •    Take naps in daytime or when you feel nauseated.
    •    Don’t overeat. Eat small servings at regular intervals. Your food must be high in proteins and fibres. You should also avoid oily or spicy food.
    •    Carry snacks whenever you move out of home. If you avoid having food for a longer time then your blood sugar may lower and it may lead to nausea. If possible, always keep nuts, granola bars, dry fruits, and biscuits with yourself.
    •    Dehydration is the common cause that leads you to nausea. Have water after regular intervals. You can also have juice. However, avoid consuming caffeinated drinks.
    •    Always carry a moist and unscented towel with you to refresh yourself after vomiting or nausea.
    •    If you are having vomiting sensation, smell a bar of soap. This may relieve you.
    •    Every evening, you should go out and take in fresh air and exercise. You can do brisk walk or yoga or exercise. This will make you feel better.
    •    Taking Vitamin B6 supplements can help you to reduce morning sickness. However, before taking it you should consult a doctor to know if you should consume it or not.




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