• Pregnancy Diet Tips - What to eat

    Pregnancy Diet Tips - What to eat

    9-Months of Pregnancy is a very beautiful phase in any Women’s life. Every Pregnant women should take care of themselves from the very first day they know they are pregnant. We would advise certain food items which you should avoid and certain which you should adopt in your diet during this time. 

    Beginning with foods that one should avoid .First one being Cheese, avoid eating pasteurized and unpasteurized soft cheese which has a printed surface or skin. Avoid eating raw or cooked eggs because of presence of Salmonella bacteria which can cause infections. Unpasteurized Milk should also be avoided. While pregnancy, never think of eating raw or undercooked meat or birds. Even seafood should also avoided .You can eat Fresh tuna once a month because of their high level of mercury. Pre-peeled and preserved salads should be avoided and if you really crave for salads then eat them fresh. Now coming to food that one should eat. During pregnancy, your hunger level increases and even it is advised by doctors to eat after every two hours. It is very important to plan what you will be eating and always try to eat healthy and nutritious diet for your baby’s health and fitness. For increasing your immune system, Beets, rich in foliate can be eaten. Vegetable Cabbage which is full of sulforaphane, can be eaten in raw or cooked form to fight against cancer .Most pregnant women suffer from constipation, fresh and dried plums can be eaten to get relief from this problem.


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